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WBU: Darkness Rising (Second Edition) Releases May 18; In-Universe Patreon Short & Serial Story Campaign; Chains of Fate Release Window & Tease; Website Update

Hello everyone!

It’s been a very busy week. I have accomplished a lot for all of you. So let’s get into it.

The second edition of Darkness Rising is now complete and the manuscript has been submitted to my publisher. The novel will officially release on Thursday May 18 on all major Amazon marketplaces. The paperback will retail for $12.99 USD and the e-Book for $1.99 USD.

This second edition is my refined vision of the novel. It has been reformatted so it is much easier to hold, grammatical errors have been corrected, and some chapters were reduced of unnecessary clutter. I think you, the reader, will be very pleased with what I have put together.


Beginning next week, I will be launching my own Patreon page where I will publish, every Monday, a new short story or part of a set of serialized short stories based in my Ancient Vestiges fictional universe. These stories will jump up and down the timeline and allow me to develop events in more detail that the characters reflect upon or foreshadow in the future. None of these stories will spoil Darkness Rising or any upcoming novels. They will be companion stories, or independent of the plot lines explored in the novels.

Here are some potential plot lines I may explore:

  1. The formative years of the Southern Nations & Daniel’s and Damian’s friendship.
  2. A young Aerona Harkan growing up on her father’s dromond.
  3. The first summoning of Sariel to the realm.
  4. An account of the Trechtian invasion of Dalia.
  5. Tales from the time of Justine the Indomitable

And more!

These stories will be available through my Patreon page. Patreon is an incredible service that allows you to pledge however much money you want to support me and my writing efforts. When I produce a new paid story, you will be charged the amount you pledged. Any and all money I collect in this manner will be re-invested into the Ancient Vestiges franchise (marketing, promotion, and expanding the universe). I will post more details about how you can get involved this week.


On a more unfortunate note, I am officially moving the Chains of Fate release window from Summer 2017 to Fall 2017. The extra three months will allow me to produce the best possible novel.

Lastly, I do want to do a little tease for Chains of Fate. For readers who have been with me since I posted the first draft of Darkness Rising on Wattpad, you will recall that there was a massive dragon in the first go through of the prologue. The prologue that was published in Darkness Rising underwent significant changes — including removing the dragon, once referred to as the Arbiter of Time.

In Chains of Fate, there will be a dragon.

Will it be the Arbiter of Time, or another? Time will tell.

Oh, and a smuggler lord may just have to tangle with this monstrosity. I wonder if he can tangle with dragon fire?


As a final note, I will also be revamping this blog website substantially. Look for that next week!

Have a great weekend, all, and thank you for your support!

Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising is now available to buy!

It has been a long, hard road, but Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising is now for sale!

You can purchase a physical book from my E-Store or from Amazon.

The Kindle version is still available on Amazon. (For Canadian and International readers: take the redirect on Amazon buy page to your local website).

Thank you so much everyone for your support!

Enjoy the book!


Hey everyone!

Small update today. This is the first draft of the synopsis for Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising.

The Great Fate churns once again.

A disgraced knight is tormented by endless nightmares. A young priestess sits the Crystal Throne of Mother God, lost in a murky mire. Smugglers and pirates reap and pillage every shore; the realm a battleground for their debauchery. A resentful and battle hardened imperator is tempted by a power he does not understand. All the while savants and seers are wracked by visions of a cold and desolate future.

The pieces are upon the board, and the immortals are moving the subservient to their will.

A recurrence has come again. The Time of Ascendance is at hand.

Yet, will it unfold as it has for centuries? Or, is there some sliver of hope to challenge what was ordained long ago?

Whatever comes to pass, it is a time of change and upheaval, of secrets and trysts, of swords and fell sorcery.

The Darkness Rising is coming, but so are the Children of the Dawn.

Pre-orders, release date, book signings, & more

I have a slew of updates today.

We are three weeks away from the worldwide release of Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising. November 23 / 2016 is locked in stone. That being said, I am pleased to announce that pre-orders will go up no later than November 18 / 2016 on Amazon for the e-book / kindle and the physical book versions. Very exciting.

Also, if you purchase a physical copy of the book and are in the Greater Toronto Area, I will make myself available on a few dates for book signings. This will come some time after release. I will announce dates and times in the future.

I will be making an announcement of pricing next week. The e-book and physical book prices will be significantly different, however. There is no manufacturing cost for the e-book, while the physical book is sizable. When those prices go up, it is not a case of me being greedy with the physical book, it is simply a reality of cost on my part.

A few little factoids as I close in on the finished product.

  • The physical book dimensions are 6 by 9 inches.
  • The cover design and art is not being done by me (thankfully).
  • The final page count will be around 760 pages.
  • The final word count will be give or take 250,000 words (this is longer than each of the Lord of the Rings novels, 34,000 words shorter than Game of Thrones, and equal or greater than some of the Wheel of Time novels).
  • Aerona Harkan is the character with the most perspective chapters.
  • Amos is the character with the most cut perspective chapters.
  • The novel is split into three parts or books (Awakening, Sea of Storms, and Heart of the Sand). While each follow a uniform style, each incorporate their own techniques to tell a compelling story.

Thank you for reading. More updates to come as the days go on.

And thank you for supporting my dream!

Darkness Rising manuscript complete!

I am pleased to announce that I have completed the manuscript for Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising. I am solely in the process now of revising and making the final passes (which I will do until midnight of November 22nd). I will be putting every effort into refining and shaping the novel to be in the best possible form for consumption in late November.

So what’s next besides my ceaseless revision?

Over the next couple of months I am going to work on promotion and teasing characters, the world, mythology, and some plot (none of it is in spoiler territory). Maybe some book excerpts too! Any and all shares and re-tweets will be very much appreciated.

Oh and I will do that first tease later this week.

This ride is about to get fun! 🙂

A Single Volume

Hello all!

I would like to start off with mentioning another work that means a lot to me: the Lord of the Rings.

Despite often being called a trilogy, the culmination of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary work is a novel split into six books (often times published in either a single hardcover volume or three paperback books). It makes sense when you think about the tale the professor told, how sequential it is, and the common thread woven through the entire narrative.

I see a similar thread woven through my own work.

There are so many characters in Ancient Vestiges — some are emphasized and de-emphasized in particular books — but it really is a collective whole. The plot, themes, and message from start to finish is also cohesive. In essence, I do not believe my debut work is much a trilogy as it is one long novel.

So it shall be.

When I publish this November, I will be offering all three novellas in a single volume, and it will be listed as a novel. It will publish under the title Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising. When you pick up your copy for the first time, you will see the novel split into three parts (or books): Awakening, Sea of Storms, and Heart of the Sand. Readers who have been following my work since the beginning will notice two of the three as existing novella titles. That is on purpose. They serve really well as guiding points or spring boards.

This will also be the last time I will use the word ‘novella’ to describe my work. It is a novel.

That is all I have for today.

Release Date Announced

Hello readers and first time visitors!

I am very, very pleased to announce that I will release my debut work on Wednesday November 23, 2016. This will include all three books: Darkness Rising, Sea of Storms, and Heart of the Sand. I will be self-publishing through Amazon and so there will be physical and e-books available. The price will be announced in the coming months (it will fall in line with other independently published works).

Here is the synopsis:

Three years have passed since heroes from the Theocracy of Dalia and the Isilian Imperium joined arms against the Kingdom of Trecht, and pushed them back across the sea. The war, however, took its toll: brave warriors became villains, homes became ruins, and the mighty yearn for power that was taken from them.

Then, one day, from the shadows of the Mount Cimmerii, a stranger appeared, bearing a powerful gift, and everything changed.

When shadows swell in the hearts of the powerful, and the Darkness rises from its depths, will the realm rally against it, or become part of it?


The journey is almost over. I will be spending the last few months fine tuning my manuscript, getting it ready for mass consumption.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. Who has asked for cameos. Everyone, everywhere, thank you.