Short Stories

The collection of short stories based in the Ancient Vestiges fictional universe and planned releases of future installments. The stories are currently available in PDF format, but they will be expanded to EPUB in the future (so you can read them in your e-reader).

King’s Blood: PDF, EPUB

Prince Tristifer Marcanas–eldest of the three children of the king–stands beside the Lion Throne as King Marcus Marcanas stands in judgment of Prince Adreyu Marcanas–the Cleaver Prince–who has returned to the kingdom defeated and ashamed. The king is cold and hard, continuing down a path that divides the nobility and knights. Tristifer soon discovers that he must make a choice: loyalty to his brother or his king.

The White Walls: PDF, EPUB

Rachel Du’vron has been accepted into the clergy, but she is concerned the Voice—Dalia’s divine ruler— has harboured secrets from the faithful. The eve before her ascension ceremony, she follows a suspicious figure within the Cathedral of Light, but what she uncovers is beyond imagining.

The Hammer: PDF, EPUB

Aerona Harkan stands at her father’s side as they possess the cargo of a Trechtian trading cog. When they return to the islands to sell the goods to the Appraiser—an old man who seems to have endless wealth—they realize that their lives of piracy must end, ere the tides of fate drowns them.

The Rise of the Corsair (Releases 7/3/17 – 7/24/17)

The Birth of Madness (Releases 7/31/17 – 8/21/17)

The Fall (Releases 8/28/17)

The Paragon (Releases 9/4/17 – 9/25/17)

The Terror of the Black Storm (Releases 10/2/17 – 10/23/17)

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