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WBU: Darkness Rising (Second Edition) is available for purchase; Patreon Short & Serialized Story Campaign Details

I am very pleased to announce that the second edition of Darkness Rising is now available for purchase! You can order the paperback version for $12.99 or the Kindle version for a $1.99. Shares and reviews are always appreciated!

Also, I did promise last week to share some details about my Patreon campaign, but that is being pushed to next week (mostly because the final formatting for the second edition took a lot longer than I thought). I will have my Patreon page up by the middle of next week and the first short story will debut on Monday May 29.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

WBU: Darkness Rising 2nd Edition Price & Availability

Hello all!

The second edition of Darkness Rising is near completion, and will release on May 18, 2017. It will retail at $1.99 for the e-book and $13.99 for the paperback. The paperback has been radically reformatted from the first edition — shedding nearly 200 pages and $6.00 off the price. The word count still sits at 249,000 words, but the paperback will be much easier to hold. In addition to the reformat, both versions of the novel receives textual updates for grammatical errors. It is the definitive edition of the story, and there will be no further editions until box sets come out years down the road.

Have a great long weekend!

Three year book plan and Darkness Rising feedback

Hello everyone!

I would like to take some time to announce my three year book plan now that Darkness Rising has been published (and thank you to everyone who has purchased copies so far). I heartily appreciate all of the wonderful comments that you all have thrown my way about the work. Thank you. I also have noted your feedback, and I will comment on that towards the end of the blog post.

First I would like to talk about my three year book plan.

Darkness Rising was always meant to be a prequel or a book 0 of the Ancient Vestiges universe. It was meant to set up characters, countries, and the mythos for three lengthy books that would follow. Now that it is out, I have been hard at work at constructing the trilogy of novels. Today I am announcing the titles and release windows.

CHAINS OF FATE – Summer 2017


TRANSCENDENT – Summer 2019

These proceeding novels will follow the same format as Darkness Rising: they will be character perspective driven and have three distinct books or parts. For Chains of Fate, the individual books will be titled Daemon Lord, Godsbane, and Pantheon. I will be announcing the individual books for Unbreakable Will and Transcendent at a later date.

Now for feedback on Darkness Rising.

I have heard everyone loud and clear: the physical book for Darkness Rising is far too bulky. I will not be making any alteration to the book at this time, but starting with Chains of Fate, I will be decreasing the book’s physical dimensions, and lowering the font. This will make the book far lighter. In addition, when I re-issue Darkness Rising in later editions, it will follow this same format.

Thank you once again for your support. I will keep posting — and keep writing!

Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising is now available to buy!

It has been a long, hard road, but Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising is now for sale!

You can purchase a physical book from my E-Store or from Amazon.

The Kindle version is still available on Amazon. (For Canadian and International readers: take the redirect on Amazon buy page to your local website).

Thank you so much everyone for your support!

Enjoy the book!


Hey everyone!

Small update today. This is the first draft of the synopsis for Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising.

The Great Fate churns once again.

A disgraced knight is tormented by endless nightmares. A young priestess sits the Crystal Throne of Mother God, lost in a murky mire. Smugglers and pirates reap and pillage every shore; the realm a battleground for their debauchery. A resentful and battle hardened imperator is tempted by a power he does not understand. All the while savants and seers are wracked by visions of a cold and desolate future.

The pieces are upon the board, and the immortals are moving the subservient to their will.

A recurrence has come again. The Time of Ascendance is at hand.

Yet, will it unfold as it has for centuries? Or, is there some sliver of hope to challenge what was ordained long ago?

Whatever comes to pass, it is a time of change and upheaval, of secrets and trysts, of swords and fell sorcery.

The Darkness Rising is coming, but so are the Children of the Dawn.

Darkness Rising manuscript complete!

I am pleased to announce that I have completed the manuscript for Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising. I am solely in the process now of revising and making the final passes (which I will do until midnight of November 22nd). I will be putting every effort into refining and shaping the novel to be in the best possible form for consumption in late November.

So what’s next besides my ceaseless revision?

Over the next couple of months I am going to work on promotion and teasing characters, the world, mythology, and some plot (none of it is in spoiler territory). Maybe some book excerpts too! Any and all shares and re-tweets will be very much appreciated.

Oh and I will do that first tease later this week.

This ride is about to get fun! 🙂

A Single Volume

Hello all!

I would like to start off with mentioning another work that means a lot to me: the Lord of the Rings.

Despite often being called a trilogy, the culmination of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary work is a novel split into six books (often times published in either a single hardcover volume or three paperback books). It makes sense when you think about the tale the professor told, how sequential it is, and the common thread woven through the entire narrative.

I see a similar thread woven through my own work.

There are so many characters in Ancient Vestiges — some are emphasized and de-emphasized in particular books — but it really is a collective whole. The plot, themes, and message from start to finish is also cohesive. In essence, I do not believe my debut work is much a trilogy as it is one long novel.

So it shall be.

When I publish this November, I will be offering all three novellas in a single volume, and it will be listed as a novel. It will publish under the title Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising. When you pick up your copy for the first time, you will see the novel split into three parts (or books): Awakening, Sea of Storms, and Heart of the Sand. Readers who have been following my work since the beginning will notice two of the three as existing novella titles. That is on purpose. They serve really well as guiding points or spring boards.

This will also be the last time I will use the word ‘novella’ to describe my work. It is a novel.

That is all I have for today.