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Patreon Campaign Launched–King’s Blood Now Available!

Hello all!

I am very proud to announce the commencement of my Patreon campaign. King’s Blood is now available and can be accessed here. (Please note, I am currently offering these short stories in .pdf format only. I am working towards .epub formats at a later date).

What is Patreon and my campaign? Patreon is a service whereby you, my readers, can support me financially for content that I create for you. Every Monday, I will post a new short story from my Ancient Vestiges universe, and my patrons will be charged X dollars for every short story (X being the dollar figure that you pledge). I will never restrict content to those who pledge only a certain amount. 1 dollar, 5 dollars, 10 dollars–whatever it is you pledge, you will receive my short stories.

I hope everyone enjoys King’s Blood!

Weekly Update: Debut short story on Patreon; Thank you to purchasers of Darkness Rising

Hello readers!

I am pleased to announce that the first short story on Patreon (debuting Monday May 29) will be titled¬†King’s Blood. Tristifer Marcanas will be the perspective character, and it takes place three years before the events of Darkness Rising. A brief synopsis:

Prince Tristifer Marcanas–eldest of the three children of the king–stands beside the Lion Throne as King Marcus Marcanas stands in judgment of Prince Adreyu Marcanas–the Cleaver Prince–who has returned to the kingdom defeated and ashamed. ¬†The king is cold and hard, continuing down a path that divides the nobility and knights. Tristifer soon discovers that he must make a choice: loyalty to his brother or his king.

I am intending for these short stories to be available on all E-Book devices. I will also have a link for those who wish to read via a website. Full details on an update on Monday May 29.


I would like to give a heartfelt thank you for every reader who has purchased a copy of the second edition of Darkness Rising. The sales have been tremendous. I do hope you all are enjoying the first adventure into the Eastern Lands.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

-Brenden Christopher Gardner