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WBU: Darkness Rising 2nd Edition Price & Availability

Hello all!

The second edition of Darkness Rising is near completion, and will release on May 18, 2017. It will retail at $1.99 for the e-book and $13.99 for the paperback. The paperback has been radically reformatted from the first edition — shedding nearly 200 pages and $6.00 off the price. The word count still sits at 249,000 words, but the paperback will be much easier to hold. In addition to the reformat, both versions of the novel receives textual updates for grammatical errors. It is the definitive edition of the story, and there will be no further editions until box sets come out years down the road.

Have a great long weekend!

WBU: Chains of Fate Progress & Synopsis

Hello all!

I am pleased to reveal that the first draft of Daemon Lord — the first book of Chains of Fate — has been completed. This is more than merely passing a checkpoint a third of the way to the finish line. Daemon Lord is the largest book I have ever written, and perhaps ever will. It constitutes nearly half of the planned story for Chains of Fate.

Now that nearly half of the novel is complete, I feel very comfortable sharing changes that I made from Darkness Rising.

The number of character perspectives has been decreased.

There are four main perspectives in Chains of Fate: Aerona, Daniel, Tristifer, and Joshua. There are other characters who will have perspective chapters, but they will be interwoven with the above four. I wanted to focus very heavily on a smaller group of characters in order to make individual story lines stronger.

The narrator is much more personal.

I have made a much more concerted effort to focus on the minutiae of a characters experiences through the narrator. I have done this by describing how the character feels in the cold, rather than revealing it is cold; by interjecting more feelings and internal character dialogue in my dialogue heavy pieces; and by focusing more on the journey than simply placing characters at landmarks.

The chapters are substantively longer.

The word count for chapters in Darkness Rising ranged from 3,000 to 4,500 words. In Chains of Fate they average at 5,000 words. This may look like a substantive jump — it is less consequential than you might think — and it allows me to  reveal more about the characters and their journeys.

Now for a spoiler-free first synopsis for Chains of Fate. It is entirely dialogue from an existing character. I will not share who (though if you have read Darkness Rising you should be able to piece together who it is). Enjoy the first plot teaser!

“What good did it do? We sacrificed so much. I, I cannot sleep at night, knowing what I have done. The innocent, they come to me for guidance and wisdom. I smile down at them, give them meaningless coin, and assure them that all will be made whole.

“For seven years I lied to them; and now it all comes to pass.

“I know he is still out there, waiting. The elder told me that I should fear him — and I did. I took every advice and counsel, did I not? Still he lingers, waiting. He is almost here. He will not wait much longer.

“That man — he will lead legions against us. We heard about them as children, to scare us to obedience. Oh, but they are not stories. They are not fables. I saw them. In the dark. Through those eyes.

“I cannot look at those poor, piteous souls any longer and tell lies. I must lead them. I must stand up and fight against the encroaching dark.

“For if that door should open, the Calamity will be like a pebble in the great ocean, while he — that cursed daemon — will flood the realm in chaos and darkness.

“It is time to break the chains of servitude and forge our own fate. The Great Fate be cursed.”

Have a great week all!

Darkness Rising is 50% complete!

Hello and happy long weekend to all of my North American readers.

I first want to apologize for the lack of updates. I have been incredibly busy of late re-working some elements of the narrative, and endlessly churning out chapters. I will (and I mean it this time!) post more often.

Oh and I have some good news.

Darkness Rising is 50% completed. I will finish the book by the end of the month.

Once that is done, I will be moving on to Sea of Storms and Heart of the Sand. I will complete the final drafts for each remaining chapter in the month of August. Barring any enormous obstacles, I will have a completed final draft of the entire work in the beginning of September!

Now, before anyone gets ahead of themselves, that does not mean I’m willing to announce a September release date as-yet. There is a lot of manuscript formatting that I have to do (along with a final pass in both e-book and physical book formats). I have complete confidence, however, that I can get Ancient Vestiges in your hands as early as October.

Enjoy your weekend!

De-mystification & free content advisement

Hello all,

To start, I apologize for the lack of an update on Monday. I have been really busy around my place with renovations and guests. It’s made putting in writing time alone fairly difficult. That should clear up for awhile, and certainly the remainder of this week.

So let’s talk about de-mystification.

I write with a lot of brevity in the mystical elements of my world. Mostly in the form of energy-to-matter extrapolations of Darkness and Light. I will limit the specifics to that for the sake of spoilers. While this has served admirably as a story telling device, it has, in some respects, pushed the narrative into a comic booky realm — that is to say that the engagements are power vs power instead of mortal vs mortal.

That I will be changing.

I am looking for those extrapolations of power to be neutered, but more nuanced and subtle except in moments that truly demand it. Glamours and illusions are good examples of this. Streams of Darkness and Light reserved only for principal battles for each book. I’m hoping this will make it seem more grounded, and common enough that it adds variety and flair to what would otherwise be repetitive battle sequences.

Now for the free content advisement.

In June I will be taking down the free, first draft copies of Darkness Rising, Sea of Storms, and Heart of the Sand. This is all part of the ramp up towards publication. In its place you will start to see character, locales, and mythology information go up on this website. These will be introductions, not spoilers. You will see when they go up.

Have a good night everyone. I shall see you on Friday!

Weekly HotS update

Happy Friday everyone!

I am pleased to update that the first seven chapters are now complete for Heart of the Sand. In the interests of not spoiling, I will not provide chapter names or perspectives. I have, however, gone through the perspectives of all the central characters at least once, and I feel really good about those characters, their progressions, and ultimately, where they will go. In particular, I thought I would have some trouble transitioning Aerona from a woman torn apart by grief, back to the strong heroine that we all know she is. Thankfully, the transition has been very smooth and I think everyone will be very pleased with how it has been handled.

I also wanted to comment on my new-found grounded approach to story-telling. That transition has been relatively painless, and the way I am exploring the stones and their power seems to translate very well. I am really looking forward to seeing what readers think of a more grounded, but still having a low-level mysticism of the narrative.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is an experiment in pacing that I am trying in this book. Typically in character-perspective narratives you do not get a “real time” narrative. What I mean by that is, in one-perspective narratives the events between chapters can occur with minimal passage of time. This is something in novels that I really enjoy. It keeps things fast and exciting if you do it right.

So why not try it but with character-perspective narratives?

In Heart of the Sand I have several groupings of chapters that either overlap (in terms of the passage of time) or occur right after each other. It really feels like you’re watching a film. The perspective changes, but it feels like things are happening in a close-knit chronology. There are exceptions, of course; time jumps will occur, but they are kept to a minimum.

Ultimately, I think this keeps the story moving forward, maintains suspense, and keeps characters more interesting. To contrast, in my previous works it felt like there were four or five separate narratives running in parallel that, while they eventually met up, feels somewhat disjointed. By keeping events so close together, I think it comes across as much more integrated.

I hope to get in another update before Christmas, but if not, Happy Holidays everyone!

In 3 weeks: Heart of the Sand!

In three weeks the final chapter in the Vessels of Power trilogy begins. The Eastern Lands have been rent and torn asunder by servants of Darkness. Thousands lay dead in the streets. Ash and char are all that remains of once proud civilizations. Two powers remain, both set on not trusting the other. A single spark could set them on a path of mutual destruction. All the while, the dark god, Sariel, comes closer to his destined Ascendance.

Not all hope has faded. Men and women have seen the Darkness, and refuse to sit by meekly as all they know and love is torn apart.

One woman in particular stands on the edge of a knife, on the precipice of destiny.

Harpies may fall, but they never lose their wings.


Available January 5, 2016

Read digitally on Wattpad.com, Scriggler.com, and Existence Fiction.


Just my little hype piece. Getting excited to share all of my hard work.


HotS & prose evolution

Every time that I write a new story, there are subtle and pronounced improvements to my prose. I think everyone goes through this, whether they are a writer or a student tackling essay’s for the first time. I always get very excited when I see my prose improve from work to work, but I believe I have made a significant jump in quality; so much so that I would like to share a small sample now, instead of waiting for January 5th.

Here is a non-spoiler short excerpt from the first chapter in Heart of the Sand: The Last Retreat:

“Those Trechtians do not know the sea as well as they think,” Jeremy put in. A diminutive commoner who rose to great heights under Daniel’s command. He rowed from the stern. Jeremy risked much when Davat became Commander in Daniel’s place. It was a wonder he remained alive. “A little trust for the Commander, if you will.”

Not a Commander not anymore. Just a sellsword, like you and I. No different.

“Trust?” Ashleigh bristled. “We were supposed to return to Dale – now we are further away than ever.”

“We would have been dead if we heeded that prophet.” Daniel spat the word out as if he chewed it and disliked the taste. “Alive we can do much, but not even our proud Isilian knight can do naught while dead.”

“You saw him, what he did to you, to me, to Aerona. No one could have stopped what unfolded. I would have taken my chances against the Dalians, the Trechtians be damned.”

“Your chance will come soon enough. ‘Til then, be grateful that you are still alive.”

If you have been reading my work from the beginning, you will likely spot the improvements right away. I think the dialogue is tighter and I have fully fleshed out description and actions between quotes and speakers. It’s something that seems so obvious, but it’s harder to master than you might think.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the snippet. Back to work!